Error Codes


Error format

For 4XX Errors, the returned data contains the reason.
Each object has "detail" which are representing what you sent wrong.

For example,

  "errorCode": "MARKET_UNAVAILABLE",
  "message": "market is closed today ;)",
  "details": {
    "market": "unavailable",

means 'Market is closed.'

Every API specification has reason data sheet below, so you can check what the problem it is.

codedataHTTP StatusCode
DUPLICATE_ACCOUNTAccounts already exists.400
DUPLICATE_ADDRESSAddress already exists in withdrawal address list.400
INVALID_ARGUMENTParameters are not a valid format, parameters are empty, or out of range.

A parameter was sent when not required.
INVALID_CURRENCYRequested currency is not exist on ProBit Global system.400
INVALID_MARKETRequested market is not exist.400
INVALID_ORDERRequested order is not exist. Or It is not your order.400
NOT_ALLOWED_COMBINATIONSet of parameter is not allowed in same time
(market sell - gtcpo is prohibited)
NOT_ENOUGH_BALANCEnot enough ;)400
NOT_FOUND_DEPOSIT_ADDRESSPlatform network not found400
MARKET_CLOSEDMarket is closed today ;)400
UNAUTHORIZEDYou have to login.401
FORBIDDENNot permission403
TOO_MANY_OPEN_ORDERSToo many open orders.403
UNKNOWN_USER_BLOCKEDYour account is blocked :(403
PAYLOAD_TOO_LARGEThe PAYLOAD you requested is too big413
RESOURCE_LOCKEDThe source or destination resource of a method is locked.423
RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDEDYou are sending requests too frequently. Please try it later.429
MARKET_UNAVAILABLEMarket is closed today ;)503
TRADING_UNAVAILABLEOur Server is full loaded.503
UNAVAILABLE18, 15,19503