Managing API

By registering a withdrawal address in the API, you can limit the function of each API key.

Registering API key

You can go to API management page by clicking API setting tab in mypage.
You can generate an API key from the API Management page.
After entering the API key alias you want to use, press Generate button and authenticate with tfa to generate new API key.


Set API Key Permissions

The first generated API key is Read Only
ProBit API supports read, trading, and withdrawal allowance.
If you want to change the properties of the generated API key, click the Edit button to check all the properties you want and save.

Register Withdrawal Address for you API

If you select withdrawal, you can only withdraw to the address stored on the manage withdrawal address tab on you API page.
If you want to register a withdrawal address, click on the tab and fill in the information.
(tfa is required for registration)