Market properties which exists on ProBit Platform

idtextUnique market ID (in form of base_currency_id-quote_currency_id)
base_currency_idtextBase currency id
quote_currency_idtextQuote currency id
min_pricetextMinimum limit price
max_pricetextMaximum limit price
price_incrementtextPrice unit
min_quantitytextMinimum order quantity
max_quantitytextMaximum order quantity
quantity_precisionnumberDecimal precision of quantity
min_costtextMinimum order size
max_costtextMaximum order size
cost_precisionnumberDecimal precision of cost
taker_fee_ratestringTaker fee rate
maker_fee_ratestringMaker fee rate
show_in_uibooleanIt is displayed in the UI.
closedboolean Market availability (false if available)
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